Teaching Pedagogy

The BRICS model is a unique model developed by the Texila Education System

The BRICS Model

The BRICS model is a unique model developed by the Texila Education System (parent company of Smart Labz) based on our many years of experience working with students. The BRICS model for school learners is aimed at empowering children to independent learners. The program emphasizes teaching contents and re-enforcing the learning with practice questions. The teaching style is interactive aimed at engaging the students and supporting their independent thoughts to any question or problem


Block Based

Each subject is divided into multiple blocks and students will take lessons in each block by learning individual concepts or topics at a time. This provides for proper attention and focus on specific topic areas.

Reflective Learning

After each concept or topic, students are given homework and practice questions. This self-reflective system will help understand the student’s mastery in specific concepts and topics.

Interactive Learning

Our program is fully interactive with live sessions and tutors available for a chat and even for smaller sessions for quick references.


Our Comprehensive approach helps students become confident, motivated and independent Learners.

Summative Assessment

After every level of learning, students are given an assessment to progress to the next level. This ensures student achievement based on our established standards and progress reports are provided to parents.

We adopted this model with variatiosn on our higher education institutions and medical school


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