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Middle School Math Tutors

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Category: Middle School Tutors

Middle School Group Math (Grade 6 to 8)

We know that the learners in the middle schools are not the same as elementary and high as they need special kind of patience to teach and learn. We use the ice-break moments to listen to the need of the learner before coming out with a learning plan. Our case-based teaching methodology using copyrighted BBRRIICCSS Model is a proven method for improving students’ concepts and grades in math. Your child is taken through effective learning experience to improve lifelong learning.

How SmartLabz can help achieve better grades in Math

We believe that to master math you must have a clear understanding of the fundamental topics, which will encourage and enable you to solve complex problems. But, is that only that requires you to get better grades? Some of the tips we use to support you to get better grades in math are:

Middle School Math Topics

Whole numbers
Radicals & Integers
Decimal Operations
Algebric Expression & Equations
Ratios & Percentage
Data plotting
Equivalent Expressions
Statistics & probability
Rational Numbers
Lines & Linear Equations
Pythagorean Theorem
Bivariate data
Cylinders, Cones & Spheres

Other Available Subjects

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Free Subject Session Video
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