One to One Session

Get Better grades with SmartLabz realtime tutoring
Personalized learning session from live tutors

Connect for a live one to one session for speciated learning in English, Math or Science with our expert tutors, as they know how to make complex topics easier.

Personalized Sessions as per your availability

You have the complete flexibility to select schedule for the online learning session. Study from anywhere, anytime.

Assessment Based learning

We identify the areas for the learner to focus on by an entry assessment. Our tutors use that to select the best process to make the teaching interactive. We do measure the knowledge earned with an exit assessment too.

Personalized learning plan

Get a personalized learning plan for the grades and subject selected. Learner’s plan is prepared based upon interaction with learner by our expect tutors and academic coordinators.


On Demand help

Chat Support

Audio with live Whiteboard

Live video sessions with tutors (optional)

Access to recorded session

Performance Analytics

One Hour Minimum

Access to 1000s of Worksheet from Library

Entry & Exit Assessments

Get Instant Help

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Free Subject Session Video
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