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Elementary Math Tutors

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Category: Elementary Tutors

Elementary Group Math (Grade 3 to 5)

We believe that students understanding of the concept and their success are highly impacted by the teaching practices used by the tutors in the elementary grades. Our case-based teaching methodology using copyrighted BBRRIICCSS Model is a proven method for improving students’ concepts and grades. Your child is taken through effective learning experience to improve lifelong learning.

How SmartLabz can help achieve better grades in Math

We believe that to master math you must have a clear understanding of the fundamental topics, which will encourage and enable you to solve complex problems. But, is that only that requires you to get better grades? Some of the tips we use to support you to get better grades in math are:

Elementary Group Math Topics

Number Sense
Place Value
Place Value Operations
Decimals and Fractions
Area and Perimeter
Multiples & Factors
Unit Conversitions
Whole Numbers
Operations with Fractions
Adding and Substracting Decimals
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Displaying Data

Other Available Subjects

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