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High School Chemistry Tutors

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Category: High School Tutors

High School Group Chemistry (Grade 9 to 12)

We believe in feeling learners as individuals rather than anonymous faces in a crowd. Interacting one-on-one with students encourage them to read up on higher-dimensional space, through direct assessment or mere speculation beyond what’s taught. Both have the power to change lives. We have incorporated the standards set by National Science Education Standard, USA to ensure that students are understanding the scientific concepts and, in the process, develop the abilities of inquiries. Our case-based teaching methodology using copyrighted BBRRIICCSS Model is a proven method for improving students’ concepts and grades. Your child is taken through effective learning experience to improve lifelong learning.

How SmartLabz can help achieve better grades in Chemistry

We believe that to grasp the ever-changing nature of science education and the innovation happening in this field, all aspects of science content are to be integrated. We encourage students to understand the subject matter by implementing inquiry as an instructional strategy. But, is that only that requires you to get better grades? Some of the tips we use to support you to get better grades in physics are:

High School Group Chemistry Topics

Structure and Properties of Matter
The Chemistry of Abiotic Systems
Energy of Chemical Systems
Bonding and Chemical Reactions
Matter and Energy in Living Systems
Nuclear Chemistry
Human Impact: The Chemistry of Sustainability
Organic Chemistry
Solutions and their Behavior

Other Available Subjects

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