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Test Preparation Group SAT

Smart Labz provides an excellent way for students to become familiar with not just the content of the SAT, but also the experience of taking the SAT is to take a full-length practice test. SAT is a pencil-paper based test that assesses a candidate’s skills and knowledge of the education received in high school. The exam consists of two major section – Evidence based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. They are further divided into two sections each.

How SmartLabz can help achieve better score in SAT exam

We believe that to score better grades in SAT examination you must have a clear understanding of the fundamental topics, which will encourage and enable you to solve complex problems. But, is that only that requires you to get better score? Some of the tips we use to support you to get better scores in SAT exam are:

Test Preparation Group SAT Math Topics

Heart of Algebra
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
Passport to Advanced Math
Real World Applications
Exponential growth & Decay
Using Data
Writing and Language

Other Available Subjects

Free Demo Class
Free Worksheet Download
Free Subject Session Video
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