About Texila Consortium

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About Texila Consortium

Smart Labz is promoted by TakshaTech Private Limited, a part of Texila Education Consortium (TEC) headquartered in New Jersey USA. TEC is a leading innovator in the field of education and has been operating education institutions in 4 different continents since 2005. Texila Consortium till now has graduated more than 3000 graduates since its inception in 2005.

With over 15 years of experience, the Texila Education Consortium has been committed to developing, offering, and investing in innovative programs, facilities, and operations within the fields of education and technology in North America, South America, India and Africa. The group brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience with senior leadership from around the world, serving as experts within Medicine, education, research, health information technology, business strategy development, leadership, and management.

 TEC has a successful track record of founding and operating educational institutions. TEC run medical institutions have prepared students for demanding medical careers in North America, South America and other parts of the world, employed faculty experts to impart courses within the field of healthcare and Medicine, established strategic partnerships with leading educational, health, and professional organizations, and demonstrated social, corporate responsibility through philanthropic endeavors in both the local and the international community.

Other Group Institutions

Texila American University Guyana

Texila American University, Guyana

Established in 2010, Texila American University Guyana offers programs in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Business Management and Public Health. Ranked as the best private University in Guyana, TAU has clinical campuses in Arizona, Guyana and Philippines. The state-of-the-art campus in Guyana consists of most modern simulation centers and medical laboratories.

Texila American University, Zambia

Established in 2015 TAU Zambia is ranked as the best private University in Zambia. The University offers program in Medicine, pharmacy, Nursing, Business Management, Public Health and Information Technology. A coveted college, Tau-Zambia is known for its advanced infrastructure and curriculum designed exclusively to build world-class doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Texila American University Zambia
Blended Learning

Postgraduate & Distance & Blended Learning Programs

Texila Consortium and University of Central Nicaragua has formed a partnership to offer various programs in the Distance and Blended Learning Model. They currently offer 24 online programs in the field of Medicine, Public Health, Information Technology, Business Management, Social Science, and various program sin Post Graduate Medicine. TAU-UCN has currently enrolled more than 2000 students and has graduated more than 200 students since its inception in 2010.

Leadership Team

Mr. S.P. Saju Bhaskar,
Founder and President

As an entrepreneur and the Founder and President of Texila American University, Mr. Saju Bhaskar has a deep understanding of the challenges of leading a major educational institution.

His leadership skills, technological prowess and stewardship has strengthened Texila’s culture of innovation. With his futuristic leadership, he has expanded the university’s verticals and enhanced its global reach over the years.

Vice President
Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi,
Executive Vice President

Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi has been instrumental in Texila’s growth from conception to reality. With her vast experience in the field of Finance, HR, Strategic Planning, Team Leadership and Gap Analysis & Planning, Mrs. Lakshmi has played a vital role in devising the university’s vision and strategy.

Mrs. Lakshmi oversees the Global Accounting and Finance Operations in Guyana, India, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA and UAE.

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