Solution for District Schools

We can share our 15 years of experience in education with you One to one online learning solution for your students

We offer your students uninterrupted access to our expert tutors for a live and interactive one to one sessions as per your curriculum in both Math and non-math subjects for all grades.

Our Academic Coordinators and Subject Matter Experts connect directly with your schools and work along with your teachers to develop a delivery standard that is align with your standards and your goals. We match our tutoring session as per your curriculum and share a common goal to provide just an extension of your school physical classroom learning.

What we offer

One to One Session

Our one to one online tutoring support to district and schools provide provided students access to real-time learning through our tutors as per the demanded schedule.  Students also have access to all the assessments and worksheets developed as per the state standards. Students have access to rate the tutors and the session further to improve upon the experience.

Curriculum-based Homework Help

We offer  round the clock support to your students and provide access to our tutors for assistance in completing their homework, coursework or any other course-based topic assistance.

Personalized learning Support

As few of your students may need additional support  and we provide personalized learning support to those set of students based on school’s learning plan and objective. This is primarily done in consultation with the teacher and developing lesson plans for the specific students’ needs.

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