Online Solutions for Tuition Centers

We provide technology to take your tutoring service online

Are you a tutor or owner of tutoring service. During this disruption, are you struggling to conduct face to face classes? We provide excellent technology support to you on our platform to conduct your classes in realtime without loosing on your business. The online learning experience is very different from face to face. Our proven technology and learning platform can give your students a better experience.

What we offer

Technology at an affordable cost for online tutoring

Our online platform provides your and your students access to seamless l teaching-learning experience which is interactive and enriched with audio and video. You can conduct your classes by interacting live with students and video conferencing and let your students interact with you on a shared whiteboard. You have full flexibility to conduct quizzes and assessment for your students and even share recorded sessions for future reference.

All this, in an affordable cost!!

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