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Brics Model - Our unique model is tailored to make your Child an Independent Learner

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How it works

Identify your need

You might need help with home work, regular tutoring, special topics based tutoring, our process begins with identifying you need.

Match with Tutor

Based on your requirements we will match you with the tutor with specific experience in your topic area

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Start live classes in our interactive virtual classroom

How it works

Benefits of SmartLabz Tutoring Program

Improve Child’s Focus and Concentration
Improve Creativity
Help your child be an independent learner
Build a strong foundation
Better Grades
Better than traditional face to face classes
On-Demand options for immediate assistance
School curriculum modelled lessons
Free Demo Class
Free Worksheet Download
Free Subject Session Video


Our pricing is 20% less than most other services.

Live interaction with our Academic Coordinators on student’s performance

  • We provide monthly progress reports on your child performance
  • Monthly meeting with parents to discuss child’s progression
  • Free academic consultation and advising from our Academic Coordinators
  • For grade tuition we create customized lesson plans based on assessment


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